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How does the EU work? A two-day-long conference started with this title in Novi Sad. The aim of the conference held in the Europa dormitory is to introduce young people to the history and institutions of the EU, and how they work.

“In mid-July, the Council of the AVH made a decision that it will establish the Bíró Károly Foundation. What does the Foundation do?

“Subotica was the first stop of the information tour organized by the Budapest-based Hungarian Development Centre and the Bíró Károly Foundation registered in Subotica. The central theme of the event was the Brussels project system directly accessible from Serbia.

The location of the two-day-long seminar organized for young people was the Europa dormitory in Novi Sad.

“Invited by Andor Deli, member of the European Parliament delegated by Fidesz, co-organized by the Budapest-based Robert Schuman Institute and the Vojvodina-based Bíró Károly Foundation, 12 Hungarian young persons from Vojvodina arrived to Brussels this week.