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Training for youth from Vojvodina in Brussels: 23 June 2016

“Invited by Andor Deli, member of the European Parliament delegated by Fidesz, co-organized by the Budapest-based Robert Schuman Institute and the Vojvodina-based Bíró Károly Foundation, 12 Hungarian young persons from Vojvodina arrived to Brussels this week. The visit was the third and last stop of the series of trainings entitled “How does Europe work?”

Andor Deli personally received and greeted the young people from Vojvodina. In his speech he emphasized that that was a unique but hopefully not single event. In his speech he pointed out: „These few days are the first opportunity for the representatives of the Vojvodina Hungarian youth to learn about the functioning of the EU and its institutions in person. It is very important that when Serbia becomes an EU member state, we have prepared young people knowledgeable in the operation of the EU, who can stand their ground in the European arena and could successfully represent the needs of our community. This is why we saw it reasonable to have a joint training such as this one.”

In the two-day-long series of trainings, participants met parliamentary representatives of the European People’s Party (EPP), among others Kinga Gál, Csaba Sógor, Eduard Kukan, the representatives of the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions and the European Social and Economic Committee, as well as visited the headquarters of the EPP.

Andor Deli expressed his hopes that the two days spent in Brussels would be a beneficial experience for the young opinion-makers, and they could use the knowledge acquired there at home as well, for which he wished them luck.

The series of trainings started in April, when in the Novi Sad-based Europa dormitory 30 enthusiastic young people gathered to learn more about how the European Union works. The training in Novi Sad ended with a test, based on which the 12 most successful young people got an opportunity to take part in the forthcoming stops of the training, in Budapest in the first week of June and two weeks later in Brussels, the capital of the European Union.