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Introduction to the resources of the European Union: 31 May 2016

“Subotica was the first stop of the information tour organized by the Budapest-based Hungarian Development Centre and the Bíró Károly Foundation registered in Subotica. The central theme of the event was the Brussels project system directly accessible from Serbia. Leaders of Vojvodina Hungarian institutions, school principals and representatives of non-governmental organizations were invited to the training.

Antal Kiss ministerial commissioner, the director of the Hungarian Development Centre said that their organization offers guidance and assistance to the Hungarians living in Vojvodina for the often transnational projects accessible from Brussels. The ministerial commissioner emphasized that Vojvodina Hungarians are EU citizens with equal rights, thus they can also take part in the programs created in Brussels. The two web pages, pályá and a operated by the organization provide help in that, which were set up for the purpose that Hungarian citizens see that they are capable of applying and winning grants – emphasized the head of the Hungarian Development Centre in Subotica. He added that there have never before been so many opportunities for the Hungarian community numbering 13 million people as there are now. Antal Kiss also presented the publication entitled Nyerő magyarok (Winning Hungarians) that describes Hungarian projects that took part successfully in EU projects directly accessible from Brussels.

In the website presented, all open calls of the European Committee can be found in the same place.

The projects – except for the Erasmus+ program – are accepted and evaluated directly in Brussels. Most of them are open only for EU member states, but there are also those to which Serbia can join – presented dr Szilvia Anikó Nagy lecturer.

The main goal of the Bíró Károly Foundation is to assist the European integration of Vojvodina Hungarians – said Miklós Nagy, the manager of the Foundation to the portal Vajdaság Ma. This is why colleagues from the Hungarian Development Centre were invited, who assist Hungarians both from Vojvodina and from the kin state in applying for the directly accessible resources of the EU. The aim of the event is on one hand to create a map of resources that are accessible from Serbia, on the other hand to present the financial resources directly accessible from Brussels to the leaders of the institutions, schools and non-governmental organizations, as well as to contribute to the creation of future partnerships between organizations from Vojvodina, Hungary and the EU.

The Bíró Károly Foundation will soon continue its series of trainings targeting youth, which started in spring. Its second stop will be Budapest, and eventually the participants will get acquainted with the system of the EU institutions, the accession process and its effects in Brussels. An IT training will be organized during this year too, and soon the Foundation’s webpage will be set up, on which information about further trainings will be accessible. At the moment, the Bíró Károly Foundation is informing the interested persons through social media – said director Miklós Nagy.

The next lecture of the staff of the Hungarian Development Centre will be held on Wednesday in the ceremonial room of the city hall in Senta starting at 11 am, while at 4 pm the information tour in Vojvodina will end in the Europa dormitory in Novi Sad. After the introduction, if they successfully fill in the test of the training, participants will have an opportunity for a three-day-long training in Hungary.”