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How does the EU work?

Project partner:

Robert Schuman Institute

The aim of the project:

According to our experience, the knowledge about the European Union among young Hungarians who participate in or who have recently finished higher education in Vojvodina is lacking. Together with the Robert Schuman Institute, the Bíró Károly Foundation aimed at filling these gaps. The aim of the project was for the students to learn about how the European Union works, the basics of its institutional system, and not only to hear about it, but also see its operation practices in their place and in person.


Organized by the Bíró Károly Foundation, the Robert Schuman Institute held a two-day-long training for 33 students and professionals who had already finished university. At the end of the training, the participants filled in a test, and based on that 12 persons were chosen who could take part in the Institute’s training in Budapest and Brussels.


In Novi Sad, the students got an introduction about the bases of how the EU works, then in Budapest in the Parliament and in various state institutions they learned about Hungary’s accession process, and they could see how different ministries were affected by the accession and what sort of everyday changes were brought about by the membership after 2004. During the visit to Brussels, they could get acquainted with the decision-making mechanism of the European Parliament, they could get a glimpse of the Commission and the Council, and they visited the European Committee of the Regions and learned about the European People’s Party, which was also the main sponsor of the series of events.